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Published wedding photographer, Ashford Estate Published on Ruffled Blog!

Published wedding photographer

When I was told by my SEO guy that I had to start writing several hundred words per post in order for google to list me for the search “NJ Wedding Photographer”, I was perplexed. I thought how silly it would be for a photographer to have to now become a writer ,and mostly how no one would ever read any posts. It doesn’t matter what I say because google doesn’t care about quality. I have to write just as much as possible with each post. So I decided to write like a 5 year old going step by step, every detail of the wedding day. I find it kind of sad to be honest, that a photographer is no longer valued because of their work or their great ratings, but by how well they “market” and pay. Even some wedding venues and planners now take kick-backs and will only recommend photographers who give them money. How sad indeed. Let me ask you something, is that really in the best interest of the bride and groom? If the only reason you are recommending them is if someone pays you? The same thing with google and search engine optimization. Do they only give SEO for photographers who pay for google ads?

And please don’t even get me started on facebook! Not only do I now have to pay for my own fans to see what I post, I even have to pay for my own friends to see my statuses on my personal page. Whatever happened to giving credit where credit is due? Whatever happened to the old way of doing business? Where I didn’t have to spend my life in front of a computer “keywording” every post on facebook, google+, twitter, instagram, pinterest, vine, etc… Is this what we have become as a society? Is this what God intended for us? To stare at screens our whole lives? Spending more time zoning out online then reading our bibles or speaking with people face to face? Our interactions with people are no longer genuine. I hope I can find a way to go back to the way small businesses used to be run. But I have no idea how… Sincerely, your small business wedding photographer.


We are so excited to be featured on the amazing Ruffled blog today for our Valentine’s Day inspired wedding shoot with Reverie!

To read more about the shoot and see all the photos, check it out!

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