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Brooklyn Bridge wedding engagement photoshoot – Heather and Dave

Brooklyn Bridge wedding engagement shoot featuring Heather and Dave! Hey everyone, I’m so excited to share with you one of my favorite engagement photoshoots of all time on the Brooklyn Bridge! I loved everything about this shoot, most of the the love that Heather and Dave has for each other! They were SOOO great to work with and just love each other so much that their joy is so natural in the photos. I really didn’t have to give much direction because they just acted naturally in front of the camera! I absolutely loved the bright balloons we had for the shoot and Heather wore a dress she got in South Africa which was custom made!

We were so lucky that there weren’t that many people on the bridge as it was during the day and also during the week. I kept having to shoot low in order for people not to be in the photo and also we asked some people not to walk which they were glad to do:)This made for amazing photos and one of my favorites below was taken with my tilt shift lens! I had so much fun on the bridge and they even started dancing and I had the idea to slow the shutter down to get a blurred look in her dress as she was spinning.

After we photographed on the bridge, we went down by the street and got to photograph in front of NYC taxi cabs. Then we went down to the water front. Heather and Dave were brave enough to go out on the rocks which made for some really cute shots and then we went to the Brooklyn Carousel where we got to take photos with the horses:)Overall, it was an amazing day and I’m just so thankful for my couples who are so in love! I really have the best job in the whole world!

Brooklyn Bridge engagement photoshoot

Brooklyn Bridge photoshoot

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Christina Lam - My favorite photo is from this shoot.. 6th from the top where the couple is in their own little world. I can’t even begin to describe how perfect this shot is…. AMAZING <3 absolutely love your style =].

Lauren Kim Photography - I adore the colours and the setting of this shoot – beautiful gorgeous photos