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Top Tips if it Rains on Your Wedding Day

Loverly6Top tips if it rains on your wedding
Top Tips if it Rains on your Wedding Day



One of the last things a bride wants to think about is what happens if it rains on your wedding day! But the truth is that the more you prepare for this situation, the happier you will be if it does happen. It has even been said that it’s good luck if it Rains on your Wedding Day.

Being a wedding photographer, I have personally photographed several rainy day weddings and engagements throughout the years. I’m so excited to share with you the tips below in hopes that it will helps you prepare just in case:)

{Purchase colorful rain boots and matching umbrellas}

Preferably colors that will go with your wedding colors. If you can, avoid white umbrellas as it will blend in with the overcast sky. Purchasing these items prior to your wedding will definitely make you feel more relaxed. Also if you have rainboots, you will likely be more willing to go out in the rain for photos because you won’t mindstepping on wet grass or sand as much as you would in heels. Check out these floral boots in the middle below and the two on the end from

… you can also get your rainboots monogramed !!! I also love these different umbrellas below. The first one is a parasol styled umbrella that you can actually use in the rain! Parasols are so cute and have a vintage style that are perfect as an accessory even if you have a sunny day! The second umbrella is an LED light up umbrella! I was so excited to find this because it would look AMAZING for night time photos!!! The third umbrella is a Vera Bradley and I just love their various prints that you can match with your wedding colors:)

{First look}

Deciding to do the first look on your wedding day (seeing each other before the wedding), is one of the best options to ensure you get great photos on your wedding day. Kate and Ian’s wedding at Bonnet Island below had a first look which was really great for timing during their wedding. If it does happen to rain at your wedding, you now have two windows of time to photograph, before the ceremony and during the cocktail hour where hopefully the rain slows down or even stops. Many rainy weddings that I have photographed, the rain slowed down in one of the two time windows and we wound up being able to go outside for photos:)



{Interview your photographer}

Make sure to ask your photographer if they know what to do in case it rains. I was lucky enough to assist and 2nd shooter with other photographers prior to starting my own business, so I was able to learn a lot of different techniques and experiment with lighting in rain situations. One of my favorite things to do is to backlight raindrops where it looks like hundreds of sparkles as you can see below. There are two techniques for this, and I would love to share them with my “Tips for shooting in the rain for photographers” post in the future.


{Makeup/hair tips}

Below makeup done by the lovely and talented Melissa Daloia who is so gracious to share tips with us for your wedding day. “On a rainy day to keep your make up lasting, I would make sure to prime up your skin after cleansing it, tone, light on the moisturizer(if it is humid out) and then primer (Nars has a nice primer I like) make sure you are using “Waterproof or water-resistant makeup” especially on the skin most of my brides do the airbrush because it is water-resistant and wears very well. Use a invisible powder or blot powder to set the make up (carry it along with you in your bag) blot is great because you can use it and it does not build color it absorbs oils and takes away shine. Make sure all of you eye wear is waterproof (eyeliner, mascara) and that before you apply your eyeshadow you use a primer to grab the shadow to make it last longer (MAC paint pots, Maybeline Color Stay) most of the make up lines carry them now.

Lastly, you can also buy a spray to set it and seal it my favorite is Mist & Fix by Make up Forever. I always remind my clients that make up is not permanent to just be cautious if you cry try to catch it if you get wet by the rain dab it or pat it do NOT rub it.” Tips for hair include using a humidity resistant hair spray such as Biolage Freeze Fix.


{See if your makeup artist can stay late}

Check with your hair and makeup artist to see if they are able to come later on before the reception to do a touch up. That way you will be more willing to go out in the rain. It’s also a nice plan to have even if it doesn’t rain so you will feel refreshed and ready to dance the night away!

{Be flexible with time}

… and be willing to shoot during reception. As mentioned above, sometimes it can all of a sudden stop raining during the reception, and it’s the perfect time to go outside and take night time photos:)It’s great to be flexible about your timeline during the reception and if it does rain your DJ/Band and photographer can work together to maybe push back the speeches a few minutes in order for you to go outside for more photos:)

{Have a safe location}

Look for locations to shoot under prior to the wedding. The wedding below was taken during Hurricane Irene in 2011. It was completely down pouring through the majority of the wedding day. Luckily, The Ashford Estate has the cutest barn for ceremonies that we were able to climb up to the 2nd floor and take natural light photos. It was such a perfect place with perfect lighting to take photos. Locations to look for prior to the wedding would be a balcony, barn, or even gazebo to photograph under. Try to make sure there is a lot of natural light and as much white as possible to bounce light.


{Bring towels}

It slightly rained prior to Kristen and Dan’s wedding at The Ashford Estate below. Luckily, I had some towels with me that I was able to dry benches, and have them sit on to make sure they didn’t get wet or dirty. Your photographer should bring the towels to the wedding but it’s a great tip to remind them just in case.

{Wear a veil}

Kate and Ian’s wedding was at the gorgeous Bonnet Island Estate in Manahawkin, NJ. I’m so happy Kate decided to wear a veil because it’s just such a fun accessory to photograph and get different looks close up that look romantic. Veils also make for really cute and photojournalistic shots if they blow in the wind as seen below.

{Get wedding insurance}

While you don’t need insurance if it rains on your wedding day, if there is a hurricane and your wedding is cancelled, you definitely need it! For the past two years, hurricanes have cancelled multiple weddings I was scheduled to photograph. It was really sad and I would hate for any couple to go through that in the future which is why I suggest to my couples to always get insurance just in case. Below, is a wedding I photographed that was supposed to take place at One Atlantic the day before Hurricane Irene. Unfortunately, it got cancelled 2 hours before the wedding and they wound up having to have their wedding at a friends house overlooking a gorgeous golf course. If you want to cry your eyes out, you can view the video here by Lucky Productions

{Have your planner help}

Having a wedding planner is one of the best decisions you can make on your wedding day. They have usually seen all different scenarios and can assist in helping to find locations, or switch around timelines. The amazingly talented Kristin Polhemus from Reverie Events has some advice for couples as well “I always tell my clients to think of a Plan B from the very beginning of the planning process. Entertain both scenarios in your head as you plan, and don’t just daydream about the sunny day. That way, if it does rain, you’ll be mentally prepared for the rain and you’ll know exactly where to go to take photos. Leave extra time in your day-of itinerary for photos in case of rain, since you’ll need to get to and from your ‘rain’ location, wherever that is. It never hurts to get cute umbrellas and keep the tags on them until you need them; that way you can return them after the wedding if it was sunny.”

{Be relaxed, trust your photographer and smile}

While rain on your wedding day is not ideal, it’s still your one and only wedding day and it’s better if you just go with the flow and enjoy! It briefly rained on my own wedding day, but after looking in my Husband’s eyes, I could do nothing but be filled with happiness. Enjoy the love you have, and how much God has done given you, and then just smile and have fun:)


{Bonus tip}

Rainproof and fireproof your marriage with this awesome NY Time’s #1 bestseller book called The Love Dare. This book is based off of the movie Fireproof which is also on Netflix. I recommend this to all my couples as a 40 day challenge to strengthen your marriage.

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Melissa Winland - 5/30/13 :)

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